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promoNestled in the vibrant and beautiful city of Northampton MA, Salon 241 stands out as a uniquely designed salon that will make you feel welcomed immediately by our personable and professional staff. You know those hair salons that make you feel intimidated as soon as you walk in the door? Nobody smiles at you. The girl at the front desk didn't even acknowledge your existence. Even the clients glare at you like you don't belong. You can just smell the pretentiousness lingering in the air. 

Well, Salon 241 is the exact opposite!

We couldn't be more different. From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel the positive vibes. They'll wash over you like calming waves, whisking away any pre-conceived notions of what a salon experience should be. Having a place that is comfortable for everyone is what we're all about. Our goal is to make you feel as comfy and cozy as you would at home. We treat you like family should be treated because, after all, we really think of you as family! We also work a lot on gratitude at this salon. We couldn't tell you how grateful we are to have such beautiful, diverse, and amazing clients. We're willing to bend over backwards in order to make you happy. Do you have difficult hair that is thick and curly? We'll tackle it! Do you have very fine, thinned hair that won't listen to anyone? We'll show you how to discipline it! We are so dynamic, with different talents across the boards, that we are confident we will find your perfect fit with one of our stylists.  We’ll grab you a cup of gourmet coffee and help you unwind while our stylists go to work on your tresses. Rest at ease, knowing that your hair is in great hands. Our team of stylists are creative and take pride in their work.

In 2010, Salon 241 was named a Redken Elite salon – recognized and professionally supported by Redken for having the highest expertise in professional haircare services. Our owners, Katie and Andrea are masters at what they do. They have been in this industry for decades and know what it takes to succeed. You can feel good knowing that you're supporting a local business in which the owners genuinely care about their employees, their clients, and all the members of this community. Now, isn't that what Northampton is all about?